Smokescreen - “Flash Player written in Javascript”

Original author: Chris Smoak
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I recently saw the topic link Smokescreen - flash to html5 \ js converter , I decided to translate the information that I already read on the network about this new tool. In short: Smokescreen is a new open source project aimed at converting Flash to JavaScript / HTML5 for better interaction with a web page where this was not possible before.
With it, you can expand the support of your project to new platforms without learning new tools, Flash is automatically converted to JavaScript / HTML5. Smokescreen will be released under an open source license and will be distributed free of charge. The cost of support and maintenance will be low so you can make sure that Smokescreen works just the way you need it. The library will give you a wide selection of development tools, including JavaScript development without using ActionScript, and development with Flash connected to the project’s HTML pages.

Description of the project from the authors

You are probably familiar with the fact that Adobe Flash does not work on any Apple mobile device. Moreover, it seems that Apple will never allow Flash to run on iPhone / iPod / iPad.
These facts paint a bleak picture for online advertising on mobile devices. Many people still want to use existing Adobe tools to create ads, and replacing these tools with others for a single platform (iPhone / iPod / iPad) looks silly. As an advertising network, we believe that interactive advertising is more attractive than boring static ads, so we had to choose one of the options: live in the dark, in a deserted world of boring mobile ads or do something.
We direct all Smokescreen efforts there as a preliminary right now. In the future, we expect to add support for more Flash features, fix bugs, and improve performance. This is just the beginning. Smokescreen currently supports significant Flash 8 animation capabilities, streaming audio, sound effects, some input features, and basic ActionScript.

The principle of the library

Chris Smoak's Smokescreen, “JavaScript Flash Player,” is an incredible thing. It works completely in a browser window, reads SWF files, unpacks them (using pure JS), extracts images and embedded audio files, packs them using base64 and inserts them into data page as data: uri, vector graphics are collected in animated SVG . In the debugger (Chrome Web Inspector) you can see how the SVG changes in real time while playing a demo. Smokescreen even implements its own ActionScript bytecode interpreter. [...] The only thing that bothers me is the performance of the library - it has a volume of 175 KB and more than 8000 lines of code, which can lead to problems on low-power mobile devices.

Demos demonstrating the work of the library

Demos show Smokescreen in action. Silent demos are compared with their Flash options on the same page. Since Smokescreen is written in JavaScript, it runs slower than the Flash plugin, and speed is limited by browser performance. Until we apply more tricks to increase speed, some demos will not work at a satisfactory speed on the iPad / iPhone / iPod.

Use the latest browser. Smokescreen currently works on Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, Safari 4, and MobileSafari. There are known issues with Opera 10.5 opera that will be fixed. Doesn't work in IE, even though IE9 looks promising.

Swf animated videos displayed with Smokescreen

Demo for Win, Mac, and Linux platforms

Animation banners

Demo for Win, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and iPod)

Demo for Win, Mac, Linux, and iPad

Smokescreen video on iPad


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For those who want to try

Since the library has not yet been officially submitted, there are no links to it (only the pre-release has been announced). In the future, as noted above, the library will be available under an open source license. For informational purposes, you can use the Simon Willison repository , which posted the library code marked:
I uploaded an uncompressed version (the command TextMate Bundles -> JavaScript -> Reformat Selection was used) here:

For informational purposes only - the library code is not yet open.

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