External link redirect for phpbb 3

    It is very strange that such ready-made plug-ins do not exist. It seems that everyone loves SMOs, spammers and all day they moderate their forum until they lose heart rate.
    And the solution is quite simple:
    Install the Prime Links plugin
    After which you need to make small changes to the plugin code:
    Open includes / prime_links.php, find the line:
    define('EXTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX', ''); // Example: 'http://anonym.to?'
    replace it with:
    define('EXTERNAL_LINK_PREFIX', 'http://ваш_домен/папка_форума/go.php?'); // Example: 'http://anonym.to?'

    In the forum folder, create a go.php file with the following content: That's all. Optionally, you can add robots.txt to the file, plus everything everyone must have the correct robots.txt for the phpbb forum, which should already have lines: PS and why there is no PHPBB blog, but wordpress?
    if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) Header('Location: '.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /папка_форума/go.php

    Disallow: /папка_форума/memberlist.php

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