New star

    Yesterday he got excited with the star , posted a huge picture, from which even he himself came in shock when he saw it in the reader. I deeply repent of my deeds. As a result, many put cons, without even delving into the gist. There was a lot of superfluous in that article, so I will be brief this time without pictures.

    A simple and interesting device has been made, which I put on the court of the public.
    To be or not to be? That's the question.
    The bottom line is that with a call from a phone, anyone can ignite a flash on a spaceship.
    To a person from Earth, it will seem like a flash of a new star.

    The actions are very simple.

    1. The document opens .
    2. A call is made to the phone number written on the second line (the call is answered, that is, it is free).
    3. At the address specified in the first line, you can watch a video of a star's flash.
    4. The text of the document is the last digits of the called phone numbers.

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