Cross-browser framework version 1.0.0 for creating Kango extensions released

    After a year and a half of development, the final release of the Kango framework was released .
    Using Kango, you can create extensions directly for 5 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) using common JavaScript code.

    During development, many wishes were taken into account, including Habr users ( last post ).

    Key features of Kango:
    • Content scripts: modification of the content of pages using Greasemonkey compatible user scripts.
    • Background scripts: scripts that run when the browser starts and work while it is open.
    • Support for JavaScript libraries (e.g. jQuery) in content and background scripts.
    • Ability to add a button to the browser with a pop-up HTML window.

    What's New in Version 1.0.0:
    • Support for the latest browser versions.
    • Improved Messaging API performance in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • Added the ability to create an extension options page.
    • Added the ability to close the browser tab by calling the KangoBrowserTab.close method.
    • Bugs were fixed and the entire code was optimized.

    What's next:
    • Add API for popup alerts.
    • Bootstrapped extensions for Firefox (it will be possible to install the extension without restarting the browser).
    • Internationalization support (partially already implemented).

    You can download the new version from the official website of Kango.
    Documentation .
    Typical Kango based projects .

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