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Good afternoon, dear Khabrovites.

The idea to create this topic arose after the recently published incredibly successful life story, which is now hidden deep in the drafts of its author.
In the comments on this article, the expected debate about the fabulousness of the story began, and a tip flashed from the author that incredibly much should be read to someone who wants to learn something. And the author even named a couple of books.

“Read non-stop, read as much as possible.
You never know when new knowledge and concepts will come in handy,
but you will be much better prepared for life’s surprises. ”

I’m still a few years old, and when I was a little less, I read excitedly, read everything that came to hand, except for any literature that was aimed at teaching, unfortunately. Either the books came across any wrong ones, not oriented to my teenage mind, or the perception of such literature was fundamentally absent from me, but beyond the textbook “My First WEB Page” in 98, things never went as well as they could .

There are an incredibly large number of books now (I was surprised to discover the fact that it’s much easier and cheaper to order a book on ozone, for example, than to search for it in “bookworms” and the like), but it’s rather difficult, let's find (or rather choose) a book on perl that will teach me something more than how to handle massive log files, or start finally learning some really language, not an interpreter, or a book on some kind of self-development (I don’t know how to correctly name such literature ), to which I always always regarded with disbelief contempt, but surely there are really sensible ones?

The problem, maybe in perception, maybe in the language the authors are trying to convey their thoughts, maybe in something else. But there are books that are really interesting to read, simple, and most importantly - really effective. But from the sea of ​​everyone else, choosing just such is a lot of luck.

From here, I dared to turn to a community in which, of the known to me, all kinds of specialists in various fields are most concentrated.

All of you, undoubtedly, have read and are reading something, all of you have learned from some books by yourself, and some of them, probably, you will well remember how I got this html tutorial. Could you try to recall some of these books, and advise them to the younger generation, on the first level of comments?
The area covered in the book by and large does not matter if it is not a guide for directing a porn film, of course. The chance that there is a reader for such advice is, of course, small.

I would be very grateful if the first level would look, say, as
“Management - Strategies that work. Karl Stern
“Learning Java - Sierra C. Bates B.”

ps The name of the topic hints at my understanding that this is not quite the same post as usual - it’s not even another copy-paste of it news from the tape, and I realized all the possible consequences of this: C
In the end, in order to read, he and created :)
pps Hub "Programming", selected only because they are fairly not allowed to write to any topics that are closer to the topic. Not at all for now.

I sincerely hope that among critical commentators there will be people who respond and help with their advice.
Thank you very much.

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