6 games in 6 weeks - game 6


    The penultimate publication of this strange cycle.
    I’ll tell you about the festive Christmas game , which I specifically made at the request of individual comrades in cartoon design.
    As a poet, I can’t come up with an art theme, but I have enough photoshop to parody any application from the store.

    Also, I like grunting. Everyone loves to grunt. Especially for the New Year. So I took the liberty to take a couple of pig sounds from Angry Birds and paste them into my craft.

    How to do it in 1 minute - read here and now. Oink!

    How to pull sounds from a top iOS app

    • Turn on the MacBook
    • Launch iTunes app
    • In the Search field - drive Angry Birds
    • Select Angry Birds from the list and download to computer
    • Go to the My Applications tab
    • On the Angry Birds icon, click the right mouse button and select Open in Finder
    • We leave iTunes in Finder and copy the Angry Birds 1.6.0.ipa file to another place
    • Rename the Angry Birds 1.6.0.ipa file to the Angry Birds 1.6.0.zip file
    • Unpack the Angry Birds 1.6.0.zip file
    • We go in the unpacked archive to the Payload folder
    • The application AngryBirdsClassicLight.app is in the folder - right-click select Show Package Contents
    • We go to the data / audio / sfx directory
    • pig _ *. mp3 files can be taken to your project

    That's what happened

    Grunt appears at 1:38.
    I myself left a version of the crossword puzzle style - black cells on a white background.

    Thank you for your attention - enjoy the New Year holidays, do not sit at the monitors.

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