Fraudsters hacked an ATM using a standard password

    Two unknowns stole one and a half thousand dollars from an ATM located in one of the stores in Pennsylvania, using the usual instructions from the money machine.

    Anyone who falls into the hands of this document will find out that the standard password for access to all ATM functions is “123456” (the password was not changed in that ill-fated ATM and was valid from the day it was set). Using this knowledge, the criminals reprogrammed the ATM so that it would issue twenty-dollar bills instead of one-dollar bills.

    The owner of the store, who was depositing these same bills in a money machine (we do this at least under the supervision of a machine gunner), said that he was far from technology, and his job was to put the money in and see the statement at the end of the day.

    The police have been dealing with this matter since June this year, but the investigation has not yet yielded results.

    via Threat Level Blog

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