New Fallout: What is known about "Asylum 76"?

    The other day, Bethesda announced the game , which was called Fallout 76. What kind of game is not yet clear, because it may well turn out that “76” is intended for mobile devices, such as Fallout Shelter. To argue about what will be a new game can only be knowing that, in fact, is a refuge at number 76 from the universe of Fallout. Personally, I was always interested in learning more about the history of the shelters, so this material contains the maximum of what was found in the network about the shelter for the “nuclear fire victims” under number 76.

    So, at the moment it is known. What is it - one of the shelters "Volt-Tech." Construction was laid in February 2065. Completed in four years, in October 2069. It is designed for half a thousand people who, using the reserves of the shelter, could hold out without contact with the outside world for about 20 years.

    The energy source here is a geothermal power plant and a small nuclear reactor.

    In different parts it was reported that the number 76 does not belong to the seventeen experimental shelters. It was conceived by both the Volt-Tech employees and the residents themselves who took part in the development. This shelter was first mentioned in the addition of the Mothership Zeta to Fallout 3 on one of the computers in the Citadel due to the fact that during the construction of the Refuge at the time of its construction, Giles Wolstencroft, one of the inspectors, was kidnapped. In addition, right on the eve of a nuclear war, the announcer announces in the news that asylum 76 announced on July 4, 2076 his own discovery during the 300th anniversary of the United States.

    As mentioned above, 20 years after blocking the castle of asylum, it had to be re-opened. And this probably means that the doors simply opened, not allowing the inhabitants to be locked again.

    The start date of the exchange of nuclear strikes in the Fallout universe is October 23, 2077. Most likely, it was then that the door of shelter No. 76 would close to open on October 23, 2097.

    By the way, do you know what happened in 1997 in the world of Fallout? Born John Maxson, the future High Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel. Maybe in the game this event will somehow be beaten? Who knows. True, in the official teaser (above) the date on Pip-Boy is shown somewhat different - “October 21, 2102”.

    As for the game itself, it will probably show us how to master the world after a catastrophe by those who survived in non-experimental shelters. After 20 years, the representatives of the former world, who remember all the good and all the bad things that were before the red line, should have survived. And they together with their descendants will use their knowledge in order to build a new wonderful world.

    Well, Bethesda, we are ready.

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    What do you think will be a fallout 76?

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