After the complaint of Pavel Durov, Apple missed the first Telegram update for iOS users since April

    Only a day after Pavel Durov publicly complained about Apple blocking Telegram updates in the App Store, Apple finally missed the latest update of the instant messenger for its users' iOS devices. Version 4.8.2 under the heading GDPR Update is already available for updating on iOS devices worldwide, including Russian users.

    In his post yesterday, Durov wrote that Apple stopped skipping Telegram updates as soon as the Russian authorities demanded that it remove the messenger from its marketplace because it was banned in Russia. At the same time, the Telegras iOS users around the world have suffered, although the Russian segment, to which Roskomnadzor is trying to extend its ban, amounts to only 7% of the total number of messenger users. In other words, 93% of users of Telegram on iOS were generally accidentally affected by the attempts of one particular country to block it.

    During this time, the new European law on the protection of personal data of users of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, the deadline for taking measures to meet the requirements of which for all Internet companies around the world, dealing with users from the European Union, passed May 25 . From that day, sites, services and applications that did not make the changes required by the GDPR in their activities and policies regarding users began to face heavy fines.

    In particular, Telegram, which Apple, not allowing the messenger to roll out a necessary update to its iOS users, turned out to be an unwitting violator of the Eurozone, threatened by these fines. I suppose that this was the last straw, after which Durov announced this situation publicly.

    On the awareness and correction of their mistakes, Apple left the day. Will they now continue to try to meet the requirements of the RKN and block the updates of the Telegram, or even the instant messenger itself only in the Russian version of the App Store or will they start sending letters from the Russian censors to the basket without reading, time will tell.

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