Google Launches Custom Business Search for Small Businesses

    Google introduced the commercial version of Google Custom Search, which will allow small businesses to improve the search on their own sites.

    In addition to the features of the free version , Custom Business Search Edition includes technical support, setting up the search results using the XML API, as well as the absence of any advertising. The cost of the service is not high : $ 100 per year for searching sites containing up to 5 thousand pages, and $ 500 per year - up to 50 thousand pages. It is much cheaper than other similar services.

    It is worth noting that for a large business, Google has long been offering the Search Appliance- A hardware solution that provides local indexing (up to 500 thousand documents) for searching on the intranet at a cost of $ 30 thousand. For medium-sized businesses, Google offers a $ 2 thousand Mini Search Appliance , which provides a search of 50 thousand documents.

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