Microsoft's Linux MPX VS Surface

    Not so long ago, we were told about the interactive Surface table from Microsoft with a multi-touch interface, which provides the user with tremendous opportunities in the field of controlling various functions. Touch interfaces have recently gained such enormous popularity that no self-respecting company engaged in the production of electronic equipment can do without at least trying to put this innovation into practice. So the Linux company did not ignore this technology, using it to create a multi-sensory Linux MPX system.

    A distinctive feature of MPX or Multi-Pointer X is the ability to use multiple input devices at the same time. Having a regular computer and any number of mice and keyboards connected to the system, any number of users with one or several applications can work on it simultaneously. In addition, according to, when you connect MPX Linux to the Mitsubishi DiamondTouch display table, it all turns into a multi-user surface that can recognize not only touches, but also gestures. The main difference between such a system from Surface from Microsoft is that MPX in combination with DiamondTouch can identify up to four different users, while Surface from Microsoft does not have such capabilities.

    In the video below you can see this alternative multi-touch surface.

    Thanks to all.

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