MobiUs: HTML5 browser for iOS

    Mobile application developer appMobi has released a "browser" MobiUs Web App Browser , which includes two sets of APIs from appMobi and PhoneGap (1.0). In other words, developers can now create HTML5 applications for iPhone / iPad that look like native programs and have the same functionality, but they do not need to be registered in the App Store. As the guys at appMobi figuratively put it, "now the entire web is becoming the application directory."

    HTML5 applications via MobiUs work in full-screen online and offline mode, allow you to make purchases within the program, control the smartphone’s camera, scan QR codes, block the rotation of the picture when the smartphone is turned on, use hardware graphics acceleration and other hardware functions previously available only for native applications .

    Especially for game developers with the MobiUs browser, there is a DirectCanvas engine for optimizing HTML5 games. When you go to the game’s web page, the user will see a message that he needs to install MobiUs with iTunes to start.

    We add that MobiUs can also work as a “plug-in” to Safari, that is, it is invisible to the user. The Android version of MobiUs will be released in early 2012.

    via Techcrunch

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