And it’s good for animals to make money

    Idea # 1:


    1) A cool birdhouse, which does not spoil the view of the city, from material that can be easily repainted for any situation (examples of birdhouses # 1 , # 2 , etc. )

    2) There is a feeder near it, maybe even a heated drinker so that the water doesn’t in winter froze.

    3) A birdhouse is located high above the ground in a tree or other tall object.

    4) Below, at the human level, there is a receiver of money + a bird's feed / water indicator.

    5) Anyone who wants to, can put a denyuzhku (throw 5-10 rubles.) And give food to the birds.

    6) Let's say 10 rubles. enough for 1 day of food and drink.

    7) From the birdhouse there is a signal to some website where it fixes how much food and drink is left in this birdhouse and it is shown on some Yandex.Map so that everyone can go and feed the bird.

    8) The user artyomst in the comment suggested a good, in my opinion, idea to pay for the purchase through electronic money, in particular PayPal.

    9) Almost at one moment with the user sdevalex came up with the idea of ​​a webcam that would broadcast the life of a bird.

    Idea # 2:

    1) A vendor vending machine (such items for buying food, coffee, bottles of water, etc.) that will sell food for swans, ducks, etc., and stand near the reservoirs where these birds live ( e.g. Patriarch Ponds).


    I spread it solely because I myself will forget about it in a few days, and even if I do not forget, I can never realize it myself.

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