Caution Phishing FirstVDS


    Today I received a letter with the following content:

    Dear customer!
    The account with the domain exceeds the load limit for the tariff plan.

    In order to avoid account blocking, it is recommended to change the tariff plan to a more resource-intensive one, or to limit the load on the server by optimizing the code.

    On the use of system resources:
    http: // Domain =

    For technical work, please contact, for payment, please contact clients @ firstvds. ru.

    We wish you success!

    - Regards,
    FirstVDS Administration

    I was immediately embarrassed by the fact that the domain that was mentioned in the letter was no longer with me. But still, I decided to follow the link, where I saw a friendly and familiar ISPmanager login page. I even typed in the login, and was about to enter the password, as I noticed the address .
    When you follow the link again, we are already redirected to:

    Be careful and careful!

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