R & D-center Playtech - now in Kiev

    The company of Playtech - Public British company, one of the world's largest software developers for online betting, casinos, lotteries and gambling, is actively expanding its software development offices. Today, Playtech employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.

    Now, 5 large R&D centers in 4 countries (Great Britain, Estonia, Bulgaria and Israel) will be joined by a new R&D center for software development based on Ciklum in Kiev.

    We are very enthusiastic and interested in this project in Ukraine. The new R&D center faces big tasks and plans, but we know for sure that Ukrainian developers are not only talented and have great potential, but can also very unconventionally and creatively approach the implementation of the products of the future , ”says Shimon Acad, Playtech VP Operation.

    The new development team that is being formed will consist of Java, .NET, Flex, html5, iOS and Android developers. R & D-center in Kiev will be engaged in the following generations of products:Playtech Sports Betting , Playtech Live , Playtech Poker , Playtech User Management System, Playtech Mobile , Playtech Portal, Videobet and others, as well as research and development of new areas and online games. Playtech management plans that the R & D-center teams in Kiev will grow to 300-400 people in the near future.

    Active and energetic young people with a sincere interest in software development, passionate about various technologies and research, can easily “fit into” the large Playtech family. For example, the Playtech team will need .NET and Java developersfor the design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of the existing system as well as the implementation of communication protocols and business logic between the back-end components and the graphical front-end application interface, the central server and the management stations of the Playtech Live Server platform project.

    "We have always sought not only to concentrate on the tasks of today, but also to try to shape the trends of the future. Therefore, we are thoroughly engaged in research: our R&D centers are among the largest (for example, we have more than 600 IT specialists in Estonia), and the teams working in them are among the most experienced in the industry. We have been investing a lot in innovation, technology, content development for a long time. And, of course, our very first concern is the teams that work in our research centers. For example, now a development team from Kiev is undergoing practical training and exchanging experiences in Estonia, thereby increasing professionalism and team spirit , ”says Vadim Barshtak, Playtech Chief Architect

    If you are a Java or .NET developer, you are curious, immediately try to turn any idea into code, want to understand what drives people in online games, want to create something new in this and put it into practice - you are our person. Join the new R&D center and put your ideas into practice!

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