Hyundai unveils BlueOn electric car


    For a long time already on Habré the news about electric cars and everything connected with them did not appear. Well, just the other day, Hyundai Motor introduced an electric car that was created not for beauty, so to speak, but for the market. That is, the company hopes for mass sales of its electric car, and is going to make some good money. It is interesting that before Hyundai Motor did not produce electric cars, but now the company's management has come to the conclusion that without this it will not be possible to advance further in the automotive industry.

    So, yesterday Hyundai Motor showed off its electric car, dubbed BlueOn. The announcement was carried out with some fanfare - the president of South Korea got into the wheel of the car.

    The technical capabilities of BlueOn are quite decent - this car can accelerate to 130 kilometers per hour, and on a single charge of the battery, it can travel 140 kilometers. Of course, this is not a car from Tesla Motors, capable of doing almost five hundred kilometers, but for urban conditions it is quite enough.

    This car uses technology to generate third-party noise so that pedestrians hear the approaching car. The sound generation system is called the Virtual Engine Sound System. Somewhat earlier, similar systems began to appear in models of some Japanese automobile industries.

    It is worth noting that about $ 34 million was spent on the development of this car, which is a lot. Previously, Hyundai already showed the concept of the i10 electric car, on the basis of which BlueOn was created.

    Unfortunately, the car is not yet on sale - its mass production will begin only by the end of 2012. Until then, the first batch of electric cars will be put into production, with an amount of 2.5 thousand copies. Hyundai is a very large automaker, so more and more “whales” of the auto industry are adding electric cars to the list of manufactured vehicles. Well, it is very similar to the fact that soon electric cars with electric gas stations will also appear in the CIS. Probably five years late, as always, but they will appear. We wait.

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