In RuNet, a new network of thematic blogs appeared - Maius.Ru

    October 16, 2009. Thematic blogs ScienceBlog.Ru (a blog about science ), GamingBlog.Ru (a blog about computer games ), TrendsBlog.Ru (a blog about trends ) and Gadblog.Ru (a blog about gadgets ) are united in a network - Maius.Ru .

    The idea to integrate blogs into a network appeared in May, hence the name - “Maius” (from Lat. - “May”).

    On the site Maius.Ru you can find out about the latest news related to the life of blogs: the emergence of new authors, a change in the design of blogs, a change in content.

    You can subscribe to the blogs of the Maius.Ru network using the OPML file that most modern RSS readers support - .

    In the future, it is planned to replenish the network with new thematic blogs: show business, travel, sports, cars, drinks and much more.

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