Augmented Reality Experimental Interfaces

    AR (Augmented Reality) technologies are now in vogue. Several advanced startups ( Sekai camera , Layar ) have started and are developing , on youtube hundreds of videos are popping up at the request of Augmented Reality .

    Currently, AR is most often used to visualize virtual objects superimposed on a video stream from a camera on a computer screen. A person rotates a marker, looks at the monitor and watches a 3D model drawn at the marker. This approach severely limits the use of AR, but the beginnings of a new vision for the application of such technologies are already emerging.

    What if we use real objects as an AR monitor, act on AR with gestures, adjust it to the context of the world around us?

    The prototype of such a system is presented by the Six Sense (MIT) project:

    An even more interesting development of this approach can be seen in the design video by Ivan Tikhienko:

    Also popular now: