GitHub now allows editing code with syntax highlighting

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It just became known that you can open file editing in the ACE Editor (formerly Mozilla Bespin) right on the spot in your favorite githubchig, edit and commit changes. Personally, this feature is often not enough for me when I need to do a pull request for a minor bugfix, and clone all sorts of laziness. On this occasion, the translation of the official announcement with instructions.

1. Click on the “Edit” button or hot key “e” on any file

2. Edit the code

Should work: TAB - add indentation, Shift + TAB - decrease indentation, Command + / (OSX) or Control + / (Win / Linux) to comment out / uncomment the line.

3. Preview changes

4. Commit!


Although we are trying to define the code yourself with spaces or tabs, you can manually set this in the upper right of the editing window:


If you are editing Markdown, Textile, or another text format that GitHub supports, we will show a preview instead of diff:

More modes

If your favorite language is not yet highlighted, try adding the highlight for it yourself! Check out the wiki page Create or expand an edit mode


This is just the beginning. Help us make editing on GitHub even better by forking and improving Ace .

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