Compare BlackBerry Bold 9000 and iPhone 4

    2b, ||! 2b: that is the question. *
    * 2b - BlackBerry,! 2b -! Phone

    So, as you can guess from the name, we will talk about phones manufactured by RIM and Apple using the example of BlackBerry Bold 9000 and iPhone 4.

    This A small comparative review will consist of only four points:
    - a link to the author’s IMHO;
    - input data about the tested devices;
    - tablet comparing devices;
    - findings. The pros and cons of each device.

      • The author is not a supporter of one or another phone manufacturer company.
      • The main personal priorities of the author regarding mobile phones are: reliability, data security, usability (including speed), battery life, multimedia.
      • The author, for the solution of most work tasks, prefers phones like Nokia 1100. Not because it is conservative, but because it corresponds to priorities.
      • The author is an active user of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 since April 2009 (naturally, the BES service is used)
      • The author never used Apple phones. All the author’s experience with iPhone phones is limited to two weeks of using iPhone4. The comparison is written precisely on the basis of this experience.

      Phones are involved in this testing:
      • iPhone 4: NeverLocked, purchased at Great Britain, 32 week release, firmware 4.02, Assembled in China.
      • BlackBerry Bold 9000: NeverLocked, a version of NotForSale, for the entire period of operation, about six different firmwares from 4.6 to 5.0 were used. Made in Canada.

      iPhone 4
      Reliability (physical)
      Falling on asphalt can seriously damage. Do not
      change the battery.
      <o: p> </ o: p>
      Fell on the asphalt several times, no failures were noticed.
      The back cover mount is terrible. Super glue helps.
      Reliability (software)
      Some applications (third-party developers) periodically fall out
      During operation no problems identified
      Start time (cold start)
      Less than 1 minute
      6-9 minutes (highly dependent on firmware version)
      Battery life with average load
      7-10 hours
      30-35 hours
      Battery Full Charge Time
      2.5 hours
      2.5 hours
      Internet speed and Wi-Fi connection quality
      The average
      GSM \ GPRS \ EAGE reception quality
      Good (there is no connection with a "stranglehold")
      Sound quality internal speaker
      Sound quality of external speaker
      Excellent (at full volume, podcasts are great,
      surrounded by road noise)
      Restriction of access to personal data (contacts in
      Disgusting (not enough privacy settings)
      Email Organization
      Usability is good, Features are excellent
      Usability - Excellent, Features - Excellent
      Internet surfing
      Great, even with built-in tools.
      Well, you need to resort to external software
      Internet, social networks
      Security in general (IMHO, based on an understanding of the
      principles of operation of devices and software of external vendors)
      Without a jailbreak - fine, with a jail - fine
      Overall speed
      Security \ data integrity
      Good (if BES is used - Excellent)
      Usability driving
      Medium (the problem of all touchscreens)
      Usability like a phone
      Usability as a messenger
      Usability for Internet Tasks
      Usability as a multimedia platform
      Usability as a GPS navigator
      Usability as a reader for books and news
      Quality software for communication with a PC
      SIM card slot and format
      Not a usual format for our market, the slot is not suitable for
      frequent card changes
      Normal SIM format, the card is under the battery

      So, my conclusions (the one I usecase for myself): iPhone 4 - not suitable as the main work phone, iPhone 4 - ideal for Internet and multimedia tasks. iPhone 4, as I would not like, can’t be replaced either by iPod Touch or iPad. I heard a lot of complaints from the owners of the iPhone 4 regarding the fact that the owners can’t get through, because of the lack of communication, in my usecase they will not call him and they won’t, as well as with him.

      In matters of the convenience of organizing contacts, making calls quickly, multiple use of the email service and SMS Bold 9000 remained out of competition. Now it will keep the battery 30% longer due to the fact that multimedia tasks have been removed from it and there is no reason to use Wi-Fi.
      So the iPhone 4 + BB Bold 9000, as it turned out, is the perfect bunch for me. The use of several devices simultaneously for me has become the norm for so long. Usually, however, an outdated device served as the second device, right now, having tried the Apple & RIM bundle, I found a new ideal option for myself, which I also wish for you.

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