The cheapest internet on the planet

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) set out to study the cost of broadband Internet access in different countries of the world, comparing it with the average salary of the country's inhabitants. They published the collected statistics for 2009 on the eve of the 2010 UN Millennium Development Goals summit, which will be held on September 19 in New York.

    For example, in the Central African Republic, broadband access costs about 40 times more than per capita GDP. In countries with expensive Internet, no more than 1% of residents can afford this luxury.

    Oddly enough, the cheapest internet is in China. True, not everywhere, but only in the special administrative region of Macau. There, access to online costs only 0.3% of the average income, and the penetration of broadband access is 23.42 contracts per 100 inhabitants.

    1. Macau, China - 0.3% (23.42 per 100 inhabitants).
    2. Israel - 0.33% (25.8).
    3. Hong Kong - 0.49% (29.34).
    4. USA - 0.5% (27.1).
    5. Singapore - 0.58% (23.71).
    ... Belarus - 1.62%.
    ... Russia - 1.66%.
    ... Ukraine - 2.70%.

    Here is a list of the most expensive countries in relation to the cost of the Internet to the income of citizens.

    1. Central African Republic - 3891%.
    2. Ethiopia - 2085%.
    3. Malawi - 2038%.
    4. Guinea - 1546%.
    5. Niger - 967%.

    President of the International Telecommunication Union speaksfor each country to declare broadband Internet access a “public service” (like medical care, public transport, etc.), which every citizen of the country has the right to - and this should be fixed by law. To date, more than 30 countries have agreed to this interpretation.

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