Happy New Year!

    Dear friends,
    Happy New Year! May all dreams be fulfilled, and the results of labor will be embodied in the new most fantastic achievements. Interesting projects, quality code, reliable sites and high-tech services. Let any work bring pleasure and enough time for happiness and comfort in the family circle. Under the cut, a brief summary of the year in InfoboxCloud.

    Happy new year, InfoboxCloud

    To summarize 2014

    InfoboxCloud Regions

    In the past year, in addition to our own data center in St. Petersburg, we launched new regions in Krasnoyarsk , Amsterdam , and Moscow .

    The data center in Moscow received the Tier III Operational certificate of reliability in addition to Tier III Design and Facility, becoming the most reliable data center in continental Europe and the only one in Russia that has all Tier III certificates. This made it possible to use InfoboxCloud for the most critical corporate projects and at the same time post data on the territory of Russia.

    The European region of InfoboxCloud in Amsterdam made it possible to host international projects aimed at users from all over the world due to the excellent connectivity of the data center network with other regions.

    Reliability and performance

    At InfoboxCloud in Moscow and Amsterdam, we switched to the use of fault-tolerant distributed storage systems Cloud Storage, thanks to which we were able to activate multiple replication of virtual machines. Failure of one or another physical cloud server does not lead to data loss or service shutdown. This has become a significant advantage of the cloud over dedicated servers (Dedic) and other clouds.

    For all users, we activated Enterprise SSD caching in the cloud based on PCI – Express SSD and DataCenter SSDs, which allowed us to obtain the highest performance of the disk subsystem of cloud servers and successfully compete with SSD servers of leading global cloud providers while maintaining affordable prices.

    In St. Petersburg, we updated the core of the network, which allowed us to significantly increase the availability of all services and network speed. This had a positive effect on hosting and VPS . We continue to improve core services, increase their productivity and reliability of key Infobox services .

    Be simpler, focus on the main thing

    This year we have significantly simplified the control panel of our services. This is just the beginning.

    We abandoned non-core services and focused on the main thing.

    We significantly changed the principles of technical support and optimized it, which allowed us to better respond to user requests. The main way of contacting technical support was the creation of an authorized ticket from the control panel, which allowed the request to quickly go through the responsible specialists and get a high-quality response. Surely you met with the fact that the user calls in support or writes in the chat of another company and receives “replies” simply because the first line of support does not know the answer or is not involved in solving problems, but only in receiving applications. Tickets are better precisely because the user does not need to wait on the line: the ticket will quickly reach the “level 80 network manager”, “virtualizer” or vendor, and the issue will be resolved. We have implemented many other processes,

    And of course, the magic address feedback@infobox.ru has been preserved , which is read by department heads and company management, which allows you to tell us how to become even better.

    Our users

    Thanks to the changes, the growth of the user base this year was simply fantastic. We barely had time to add new equipment to our services. More than 15 thousand cloud servers created in InfoboxCloud . Almost a third of this amount was created in the last 2 months.

    Large customers are emerging, consuming resources more than a hundred regular customers. This inspires and allows us to do more for our customers, to work not only for money but also for the idea: to make the best enterprise level service at affordable prices, in which your data is not read and analyzed. A service in which engineers are your friends and helpers, but not indifferent. A service that helps you earn and do more using the most modern technologies.

    Prices remain the same!

    The dollar and the euro are growing. We accept payment in rubles and receive a salary in rubles. We understand you! Therefore, we decided not to raise the price of the InfoboxCloud cloud due to the December rate fluctuation. We will work even more efficiently and keep prices the same. You can always be sure that our services cost as much as they should, without superprofits. And, of course, come to us from foreign services :) We are more affordable and profitable!


    In the new year, we will become even more accessible from different regions, we will strengthen key services and continue our rapid development. We have a lot of “Wow!” Planned, but let's leave it for the new year. Our main happiness is happy users. Therefore, we wish you a lot of happiness and will strive to achieve this main goal.

    Happy New Year!

    Always yours,
    InfoboxCloud Team!

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