Android Christmas app

    New Year 2013 is approaching by leaps and bounds, and more and more I want something snowy, New Year on my mobile device. I hope that my application will satisfy these needs :)


    The purpose of the application is to make snowfall on the screen of your device! It is possible to select the amount of snow, the type of rendering (OGL / Canvas).

    Everyone can download it on the XDA forum: / Mediafire: , also if someone is interested in publishing the code - the process of writing it.


    Happy New Year, friends! :)

    PS: Wrote for today, so report errors - I will try to fix it. The battery eats a lot (and in this regard, the OpenGL version is better, but it crashes on the Camera). In the background, it shouldn’t, but we know: D

    UPD # 1 : An
    update has been released that includes:
    - Fixed a crash if the number of snowflakes is zero
    - Auto-loading at startup (if enabled)
    - Fixed (and added =)) problems with OpenGL rendering (I do not recommend using it)
    - Fixed problems with Canvas rendering

    UPD # 2 : An
    update was released that includes:
    - Rewritten everything from scratch :)

    UPD # 3 : An
    update was released that includes:
    - Easy changes
    - Touch response

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