Fighting IE6 Pricing

    A huge amount of words, nerves, time, emotions in the work of a site developer goes to the fight with IE6. On Habré periodically these or those offers appear what to do with it, I dare to offer the variant.

    In our work, we somehow began to consider the statistics of labor costs in layout. In particular, in versions with and without IE6 support, labor costs on average differed 2.5 times. Significantly agree. But sometimes it was more, 2.5 - the average. After a little thought, I came to the conclusion, why should I determine my own policy regarding IE6? After all, we can offer the client it is cheaper and more pleasant (more goodies, cleaner code), but without IE6 support, or we will make sure that everything indicated in the ToR works in IE6 as well as in more recent browsers, but it will cost more expensive.

    On the one hand, this is not a complete rejection of support; on the other, it is an incentive for the client to refuse it. Again, this can be served with a different sauce - as a rise in price of services when using outdated technology or as a relief in price when following the progress.

    In our case, we use a coefficient of 2.5 to support IE6. This works - far from for everyone, but over time, the percentage of people who want to pay two and a half prices for "nine-year-old milk" gradually decreases.

    PS: In winter, I wrote a post on this topic in the sandbox, but for some reason they didn’t appreciate it, now I’ll risk repeating myself as a Habrovsk citizen.

    PPS: The idea is far from new, and for some readers it will be a statement of evidence, actually written for the rest of the audience.

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