Beta versions of new Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Soundbooth available

    Beta versions of Dreamweaver , Fireworks, and Soundbooth have appeared in Adobe Labs today . Judging by the url, it will still be the CS4 line. DW has a new interface, improved work with CSS, code hints for popular AJAX frameworks - jQuery, Prototype and Adobovsky Spry have been added. A new Live View mode has been added - viewing the result as it looks in the browser. WebKit is used as an engine. To work, you need a serial number, which you can get in exchange for a serial from the CS3 version or any of the CS3 suites (for some reason, except for Master). A two-day period is available for work without entering a serial. Added: A brief overview of DW CS4 can be read at

    injun # 576871 .

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