Dating for IT people

    I am an employee of a major dating service in Russia. Recently I came up with a great, in my opinion, idea for its development.

    - statistics of the dating service: 1.1 million unique persons per day and 10.7 million unique persons per month;
    - high activity of the female part of the service audience;
    - 80% of the team is programmers.

    Most of the employees in our team are developers: watching them, I thought about a special dating service for programmers, and if we take it more broadly, in principle for IT people. It turned out that many of our team would not mind devoting their “extracurricular” time to the implementation of this idea.

    The team discussion formulated the goals of the project:

    1. To provide IT people with comfortable conditions for finding friends (maybe even life partners). Highlight interesting, intelligent girls in the service who are ready to understand and accept the torn work schedule and the “computer” lifestyle of their “second half”.

    2. Work on the image of the profession - show the girls that there are no cooler IT guys. In each of them lives Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg: they are the ones who create the future. In addition, they get a good salary, go to fitness clubs, snowboard, love good restaurants, go on vacation abroad, and even help to choose a normal laptop and gadget. Only unmarried oil workers are better, but there are almost none left.

    Service requirements we defined as follows:
    1. The service is an ADDON-th to the main version of the site with a single user base;
    2. Subdomain - in the main domain of the service;
    3. Most paid restrictions are absent;
    4. Special functions not available in the regular version;
    5. All the girls in the regular version of the service see the programmer’s photo as the level of his advantage: profession, interests and income.

    As a result, the topic of meeting with IT specialists has become our fix idea. To understand whether it is worth spending time on it, I suggest the inhabitants of Habr - the target audience of the project - speak out about its feasibility. And if the plan is to your liking, then participate in the development of the service.

    Specifically, we are interested in:
    Evaluation of the feasibility of the idea: “Yes / No” + brief comment;

    What questions do you think girls should ask to test for IT compatibility?

    What do you look at when meeting a young lady in the first place (except for her forms, of course)?

    What is the advantage of an IT guy over an ordinary guy for a girl?

    Maybe it’s more efficient to choose a different target audience ?! Say, make a service for geeks, with an IQ filter and an emphasis on core interests?

    All questions and suggestions are welcome.

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