Kaspersky is not trolling

    Eugene Kaspersky published a blog post in his blog about the company's struggle with the patent troll .

    The saga began in 2008 with the decision not to succumb to IPAT's blackmail. According to Kaspersky, his laboratory was not the only victim of the troll, but the only one that in principle did not accept any proposals for a “peaceful” resolution of the problem.

    Other antivirus vendors have paid IPAT from tens of thousands to several millions of dollars.

    Well, that very story began, which is called the "American Patent Court of Texas." Why Texas, and since they love trolls there, protect and defend their interests. And for this, the trolls pay taxes to this very state of Texas. Therefore, by all indications, the option of a negative development of events was very likely for us.

    Nevertheless, the company won the case, although the price of this victory was $ 2.5 million, 3.5 years and countless nerves.

    You can read the full story here .

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