Internet Elementary Education Program

    I work as a methodologist in the St. Petersburg city center of informatization, I train teachers, head teachers, school directors. A year ago, he began the course "Web 2.0 - Technology of Pedagogical Interaction" (as discussed - the name is clear). But I ran into a serious problem: ideas about the modern Internet among teachers (including computer scientists), to put it mildly, are a bit outdated. And on "Web 2.0" they begin for half an hour to look for the "Register" button on the next service. If in the workplace computer science the main web tool is IE6 and his mailbox is - I have, sorry for snobbery, there are some doubts about its competence. But I'm not talking about computer scientists, about other subject matter.

    - Where are the dictionaries and encyclopedias on the web?
    - How to download programs and install them?
    - How to search the web (text, graphics, sound)?
    - What are the tools for network communication besides mail?

    These are the simplest questions that in most cases you will not hear an answer. It turns out that people do not have the skills to use the Internet at the level of literacy and they do not understand quite obvious things.

    I looked at the initial Internet training programs that exist in the continuing education system. It became terribly. It’s clear that it wasn’t written today, but learning how to search on Rambler, reading mail through Outlook Express is, as it were, softer, weird, but not even mentioning anything else ...

    As a result, I came to a new conclusion: “If you need something not enough, create it yourself. " Purpose: a program for the formation of modern instrumental Internet skills.

    It is designed for listeners who are at least initially familiar with the Windows interface (file folder, system navigation, copy-paste objects, etc.) It is clear that officially such a program should be called "Internet technology in the educational process" , but if less formally, but more precisely in essence: "The Internet with your head and hands, and not through ... Internet Explorer."

    The program is here .

    It would be interesting to hear comments-reflections-additions on the subject. Thanks in advance.

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