Good alarm :)


    Once I happened to read an interesting article with good tips on waking up in the morning (by dizizip ).

    I quote the one that interested me the most:
    1. The sound of the alarm clock should increase smoothly.
    2. Waking up to music is better than to simple sounds.
    3. It is good if the melody will always be different.

    Since the problem of awakening is very acute for me, a few days later I had the idea to create my own alarm clock that would work in the same way as described in the original article. And voila, a few hours for the Flash program itself + a little processing of the HTML template (I'm not a designer, don’t kick for it) + writing readme, and the program is ready for general use.

    You can find the program here: An
    offline version of the program is also available for download:

    I tried several times this method itself waking up in the morning, as well as giving an alarm to a sample of a small number of my friends, I will wait for feedback from them on the program to find out if it helps others as well as me. In general, it will be very useful for me to get feedback on whether the program helped or not from as many people as possible.

    Thanks in advance and good luck to you =)
    Wake up easily in the morning.

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