John Hicks announces a terrible contest


    October 22, 2009 - Oslo, Norway
    Not wanting to disappoint regular readers, I add this wonderful line again. But he decided to improve it: it is now clickable and redirects the curious in person to see where these lines are written at a given time. Now about the actual info line.

    Today, the famous designer John Hicks, who has recently been working in our company, decided to organize a contest of background pictures for the Opera Express panel. The theme is commonplace - the rapidly approaching ideologically alien Halloween holiday to us. Everyone who has something to say to draw on this subject is invited to submit their works to the contest no later than October 27, posting them in the comments on John’s original announcement. Those. requirements are also commonplace - a picture of 1600x1200 in JPG or PNG. You can draw all the devilry, but without criminality. There is not much time, so do not waste time - start now.

    Yes, actually about bonuses. The winner’s work will be used as a background image in the specialized Opera assembly dedicated to the aforementioned holiday.

    Details in English here

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