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    Hello, habravchane!

    In this topic, I want to tell you about one of my site , in the process of creating which, I wrote a new hab-like engine in php. Also in the topic we will talk about socionics in general.


    I have been fond of various typologies for a long time: socionics, psychosophy and others (in general there are many of them).
    Socionics is a doctrine about the exchange of information between people. It involves dividing all people into 16 types or the so-called. TIMs (Types of Information Metabolism), each of which is described by its own model of information processing. In turn, all information is divided into 4 types (intuition, sensorics, logic and ethics), which are called aspects. Each aspect can be expressed as extrovert (“black”) and introvert (“white”). In this case, we have 8 aspects of information. Duck here. For each TIM, these aspects are in certain positions in the scheme of informational metabolism and, as one can easily guess, act differently. In general, there are 8 positions in this scheme. Such a model for describing the human psyche was proposed by Aushra Augustinavichiute and in her honor she is called Model A.

    Socionics allows you to solve many problems: to get to know yourself better, to assume what kind of relationship you will have with others (knowing your TIMI and yours), which is used to select staff, search for a life partner, etc. etc ...
    If you are interested, then the site has a section of books where you can read more about this.


    In April-May of this year, I decided to write a hara-like, blog-social engine. In early June, he was ready, but all summer I was busy with the session first, and then with the work that I had temporarily forgotten about the engine.

    Briefly list the main features:
    • Communities, Community Moderation
    • User Blogs
    • Friends, private messages
    • Favorite
    • Profile and site settings
    • Guestbook for each user
    • Karma-like rating system
    • OpenID Support

    The engine itself from a technical point of view does not differ much (although in the spring I thought that I was doing something ingenious :-) :-) :-) :-)). Classic MVC (your own self-written framework). No ORM is used (which is a huge minus). The client uses jQuery with its many plugins.


    Remembering the engine, I wanted to create this site about socionics, which will collect good articles on this topic. So Sociabr was born .

    The site runs on php5.3 + mysql (nginx + php-fpm + eAccelerator)

    UPD: please do not kick for the design and layout!

    Thanks for attention! :-)

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