Each environment has its own favicon

    Made changes to the code, you debase and don’t understand what’s the matter - the code has changed, but the result is the same. Damn it, but I'm debugging it on production! Has this happened to you? With me several times, today again. I'm tired of it and I came up with a simple way to avoid such annoying cases.

    Perhaps this trick does not deserve a separate topic, most of you will understand everything from one picture:

    The bottom line is that each environment (dev, staging, prod, etc.) has its own favicon.

    How to do this using the example of Laravel (once again this wonderful framework is promoting):

    1. Template (master.blade.php):

    2. Icons

    Post favicon-local.ico, favicon-staging.ico, favicon-production.icoin public_path().

    The implementation of this trick takes up to 10 minutes, do not step on this rake anymore :)

    Happy coding!

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