A universal powerful PC the size of a smartphone: Tango PC

    The other day I came across the information about an interesting project of a universal mini-PC with the capabilities of a fairly powerful laptop. I did not find information about him on Habré, and the device is very interesting. Firstly, this is not a miniature PC purely for developers, but a full-featured computer that can “pull” graphics applications, modern games, and everything else.

    Secondly, the size of the device is comparable to a large smartphone, you can transfer it without any problems.

    Thirdly, a PC consists of two parts - a docking station equipped with all kinds of connectors and a cooling system, and a functional part, the “brain”. So, having a couple of docking stations (they are inexpensive, I’ll run ahead), you can get rid of the need to carry a laptop from home to office (and save, therefore, on licensed software - this is one example of savings).

    Fourthly, on this PC you can install Steam OS, and get a fully functional game console. You can also use this PC as a home media station, watch TV shows , movies , shows, without forgetting about the integration of the station with all other gadgets.

    Here are the characteristics of the device:

    As for the price, the cost of one system (with a docking station) is 399 US dollars. An additional dock costs $ 99.

    Of course, the cost of the monitor, which will have to be purchased for each docking station, is not taken into account here.

    This PC is not a concept, but an already created device, which, by the way, received 300 thousand dollars on Indiegogo , instead of 100 thousand planned. The problem is that the batch turned out to be limited, and new orders are not provided, all “pre-customers” are already waiting for their devices.

    Tango PC developers are now planning to launch a campaign on Kickstarter to get a larger amount, in order to establish a permanent release of their computer. The campaign will be launched this week, so we are waiting.

    For now, you can watch a video explaining the essence of the project:

    Via tangopc

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