Media viruses

    “From now on, I can’t be calm for my brain. Perhaps this virus will come back. ”(“ Advertising, XXI Century. ”)

    We are all carriers of media viruses, we live in the media space, and even meeting each other we stuff each other with audiovisual digital media content.

    Looking up from the monitors, we quote each other “ Chocho!” ‟Or“ short legs! ‟, No, no, and sprinkle speech with the“ corrected ”language“ Danger! ‟” However, these are all words, and the mechanisms behind them are a classic reason for paranoia: they control us.

    In essence, this is engagement. This is involvement in the game (many of you plus this post if I repeat four times: “Do you plus this post”?) This is involvement in spontaneous movement (remember the cumulative effect of flash mobs). This is a person’s willingness to play, to return to the very state of childhood, when actions brought joy, and reality made it possible to play pranks with impunity.

    You read, absorb information, pass it through yourself. And here is a post that attracted your attention. You are a plus for this post. Why? He hooked, he made him feel something, feel an affinity, involvement, a game - after all, life is “play” in one of the descriptions, and “theater” in another, and since you have come, you are supposed to applaud. You plus this post because you are involved in the game, something has affected, hooked. And ...

    you plus this post. Which was written as an illustration for one good post of one good person, my favorite designer, found by the same viral ad. Who preferred to give a box of cognac to a good person, rather than its value to an uninteresting intermediary, an intermediary interested only in money. And not playing with us one big and wonderful game - life. Where even the prospect of living in a box of cognac is not scary.

    And after reading to the end, you read this kament . You are a plus for this post. Out of a feeling of contradiction or out of gratitude, you plus my post, plus my kament. You write me a kament, you write a kament for this post , play with me, play with us this amazing, fascinating game - life.

    Thank you for your attention, I have everything. Ask questions to the lecturer. Visit our store, buy our products, recount the number of magic phrases in the text, if you have not done so already, and know, we love you!

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