LiveJournal may become an object of intangible cultural heritage

    The World Heritage Commission has named the first 18 websites to receive World Intangible Property status. The decision to establish this status was made at the XXXI meeting of the Commission back in 2007, and since then, experts have painstakingly selected decent sites.
    In 1972, UNESCO adopted the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage . Since then, the status of a World Cultural or Natural Heritage Property has been regularly awarded to natural territories, man-made structures or “mixed” objects that need to be protected by all of humanity. The importance of safeguarding the intangible heritage was confirmed in 2003 by the adoption of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage .
    INWorld Heritage List Acropolis of Athens, historical center of St. Petersburg, Moscow Kremlin, Venice, Great Barrier Reef, Yellowstone National Park, Lake Baikal, Curonian Spit, etc .; the total number of World Heritage sites is approaching nine hundred. There is also a list of endangered World Heritage Sites. The inclusion of objects in this list means the need for urgent measures to preserve them.
    The Internet is becoming increasingly important in people's daily lives, becoming an integral part of culture, said Commission Chairman Vijaparang Sopromat, introducing the first sites. “Unfortunately, the websites that form the basis of this global intangible heritage are also in danger of destruction.
    Just as the Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed Buddha statues, hackers constantly threaten our intangible cultural heritage on the Internet, ”Sopromat noted,“ only last year the online library of the Dresden Philharmonic was partially damaged, containing many unique records of the world's best voices, as well as The site of the largest Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, reflecting the history of the country since 1919, was destroyed.
    The content of sites that have received the status of World Intangible Property will be copied to special gilded DVDs, which are about 100 times longer than ordinary "discs," and deposited in the Alexandria Library (Egypt).
    The first deposit ceremony will be held on June 31, 2010, when the first 18 sets of discs will be put into the library fund. Copies of these discs will also be transferred to the Library of Congress, the European Digital Library Europeana, and the Presidential Library. B.N. Yeltsin and other major libraries and archives of the world.
    Among the sites that were the first to receive the status of World Intangible Property, the largest search engine Google, the European Digital Library Europeana, the Wikipedia People’s Internet Encyclopedia, Flickr Photo Hosting, the IMDB World Cinematographic Knowledge Base and the Metropolitan Museum Site.
    The selection of sites claiming the status of World Intangible Heritage is carried out by experts from 12 countries. For the region of Eastern Europe, which includes Russia, in the selection committee is responsibleMOO Information for All .
    Russia has so far announced only one site - a candidate for the assignment of the status of World Intangible Property, - said the head of the Information and Analytical Service of the Information for All IPO Evgeny Altovsky, - it became LiveJournal, which, without exaggeration, is a cult place for virtual communication for many Russians.
    Unfortunately, while considering this candidacy, there were still insoluble issues of copyright compliance. However, LiveJournal still has chances, as the Commission is currently developing the relevant regulations.

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