Will the PlayStation Move launch strategies on the console?

    The Sony PlayStation Move controller may allow policymakers to pay close attention to the console and, in particular, the PlayStation3. According to Sony, in the future the main obstacle (in the form of control problems) will be eliminated.

    At least that is exactly what Anton Mikhailov, an employee of the American branch of Sony, said. According to Mikhailov, the new PlayStation Move is extremely accurate: in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, the controller allows you to track the change in player’s hand position along the X and Y axes with an accuracy of 1 mm.

    By connecting the PlayStation Move to a PC (“using certain manipulations”), Mikhailov was even able to play Starcraft. Moreover, it is to enjoy the game, and not torment a few minutes.

    It is hoped that the developers are not exaggerating the capabilities of their new controller. If not, then this is really good news for strategy lovers from among console owners.

    via gametech

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