Habraobzor Highscreen Boost - five days without an outlet (carefully - a feminine look!)

    Today we will have a strict feminine look :)

    Yes, a week ago a review of Highscreen Boost by comrade tozx was released. However, the world is beautiful in that there are many points of view and they all have a place to be. Moreover, the views of guys and girls are different ;-) Therefore, I want to share my female look at the “brick” Highscreen Boost.

    My first look at this smartphone was full of bewilderment. This is strange: in the fashion of large, thin, light phones, they release large, thick (14.2 mm) and heavy (185 g). Well this is a whole brick, like the ancient Nokia 9300! But with each new look, the degree of perplexity decreased, and surprise grew.

    It is not always worth indulging in a fashion that dictates that girls should go with thin and elegant phones. The technical characteristics of the tubes can be any, if the case is white and preferably with strasses. Why, and most importantly - to whom should, is not specified. And if a lady likes a brutal black smartphone, it’s time for her to fix something at the conservatory.

    I protest. Any woman with unexplained thinking is able to get along with a heavy, thick and not at all “fancy” phone like Highscreen Boost (I’ve been walking with a Nokia N95 8Gb brick for almost 4 years and haven’t been in it! If I hadn’t broken, I would have walked like that. ...) But provided that he has some important feature that distinguishes him from the rest.

    the main thing

    Here it (feature) is. The incredibly powerful battery for 4 160 mAh leaves far behind both my Samsung Galaxy S III (2 100 mAh), and even Motorola RAZR MAXX (3 300 mAh), which they like so much to cite as an example of longevity.

    Of course, the scale of such a battery exceeds the capabilities of the average case with a thickness of 8-10 mm, and it affects the weight not in the best way. But let me - thin, light and much more expensive smartphones on the market a dime a dozen, but with them please come to the outlet every day. Otherwise, sit without communication (it is especially disappointing when you get to your house for another hour, and the phone is down - you don’t even have to play anything or read a book! Sadness!)

    For two days of active use, I managed to land the battery as much as 38% (in the screenshot it says “50 minutes”, because I had to remove the battery and remove the SIM card). The average daily menu included:
    - half an hour of conversations,
    - a dozen SMS,
    - an hour of playing Need for Speed ​​or Subway Surfers (in fact, I'm not a game lover, but for the sake of the test ...),
    - three hours of Wi-Fi ( hour of surfing, the rest is in standby mode),
    - a few photos
    - half an hour Skype.

    That is, the smartphone screen burned for about three hours a day at medium brightness. The display, by the way, was also unexpectedly pleased: this is Sharp's 4.3-inch IPS, bright and contrast enough for use in direct summer sun. You can only find fault with the resolution: 540 x 960 pixels by today's standards is not enough. But the graininess even when watching a video is almost invisible. Although, still 4.3 inches is not enough for me ... after the Samsung Galaxy S III ...;))


    Upon closer acquaintance with Highscreen Boost, I was surprised a lot by its quite modern "stuffing." It stands not just any weak, but energy-efficient processor, but quite a gluttonous, powerful dual-core Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. Otherwise, I would not have seen any races in my eyes.

    You can imagine how many days Boost would have lasted with a weak processor and a 3-inch screen! However, it is possible that the idea of ​​an “eternal android” will be realized in the near future. Dreams Dreams…

    A gigabyte of RAM is also good, thanks! There is 4 GB left for the data, and this, as Masha from the cartoon about her and the bear would say, is “tasty, but not enough.” So add another thousand ($ 30) to your smartphone for $ 8,990 ($ 280) on a 32 GB microSD card - and still you won’t go beyond the psychological limits of 10 thousand. It's nice, anyway.

    Highscreen smartphones have a funny feature - on the box it is drawn and written where the processor, gyroscope, GPS module and other entrails are located. There is no practical benefit from anatomical details, but you can show off knowledge in the company of friends, for example.

    Photo taken by the built-in camera without flash.

    Camera and sound

    The main camera is an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, autofocus and lots of different settings. The camera module is located directly under the bevel of the case, so you can capture your own fingers in the photos as well, while you adjust to hold the device correctly.
    The quality of the pictures cannot be called excellent, although the best step is called “Super”. However, such a camera is quite suitable for daily shooting.

    The videos are not bad, for a pocket camera (yes for the money ?!) the quality is decent. The maximum resolution is 720p (1280 x 720 pixels). During shooting, you can take photos by tapping the screen.

    The third camera mode is to create panoramas, and in an unusual way: do not shoot several photos in a row, but slowly draw the camera along the subject. I would say that this is a whole art, moreover cartoon: a rectangular synthesizer in each case turned into a smiling one. On the other hand - it’s funny!

    But the sound in Boost pleasantly surprises. True, it is better not to listen to music through speakers or complete droplet headphones - the impression is ambiguous. But in high-quality headphones, the sound just does not reach the Sony audio players.

    In work

    In the "Phone Information" section, I expectedly saw "Android 4.1.2." This is a good answer to those who are against smartphones with quiet names - for them, they say, there are no updates, and the software version is not the latest.
    The new Android also contributes to the energy saving piggy bank, albeit a small one. Also, I didn’t notice any brakes when playing videos from YouTube in the resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), and resource-intensive games work fine with maximum settings. Skype also works great, for which a decent 1.3-megapixel camera was found on the display. In many much more famous smartphones, a very modest “eye” of 0.3 megapixels is installed.

    In Highscreen Boost there are no additional programs besides the standard set. But it fully supports Google Play, so the choice is almost limitless.


    I specifically left the external inspection of the smartphone in the end, because this is not its main feature. However, to call it “brick-brick” is not entirely correct: the brick does not have bevels at the back to make it more convenient to hold. Yes, and the "dotted" surface of the rear panel is a privilege of Boost, not ancient heavy phones.

    Convex strips are located on the sides, in which, upon careful tactile examination, the volume control (left), the power button and the camera (right) are detected. The buttons are separated from the non-functional part of the strips, it is convenient to press them.

    At the top there is a standard headphone jack, at the bottom there is microUSB for recharging.

    The slots for the memory card and SIM cards are hidden under the battery. Yes, this is a two-sim card model, and unusual: on one slot it says WCDMA + GSM, on the second - only GSM. There is only one radio module, like all two-SIM smartphones.

    Build quality pleased - nothing creaks and does not play. The case looks solid, but I would not drown or throw it.


    Heavy large smartphones usually look rustic, but Boost is an example of how to find a bicep under a modest appearance ... sorry, a dual-core processor and a powerful battery for five, or even a whole week. A good screen, the latest version of Android and a pleasantly low cost are also excellent.

    Another bonus is the guarantee. If something happens to the smartphone, a specially trained courier will arrive and pick it up for repair. The excellent attack of the customer "Vobis Computer" against the "gray" supply of unknown Chinese pipes, which have nowhere to repair!

    Of the shortcomings (in addition to the “non-feminine” design), I would still note a medium-quality camera and a low screen resolution. Well, penny complete headphones. Frankly speaking, there are few disadvantages, and for the opportunity to put on a charge less often, I would forgive all this ... if I were a guy: D)))

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