FictionBook RSS feed converter

    I have to spend considerable time traveling to and from work, what should I do during the journey? - That's right, read it!
    And what is interesting to read? - That's right, your favorite RSS feeds!

    And so the service was born allowing you to convert RSS feeds into a book, in FictionBook format.

    How does it work
    ? Go to the application page, specify the addresses of the rss channels, indicate the width of the screen of the device from which you will read, press the "Run" button and wait for the conversion results.
    It is possible not to make a list of rss feeds by hand, but to load them from an opml file.
    In order not to drive in the feed addresses or download the opml-file each time you use the service, you can specify the list of feeds in the application settings (application settings are available from your personal account - you will have to register for this).
    Specifying the screen width of the device is required in order to convert large images from the tape to fit the screen.

    Why FictionBook
    This format was not chosen by chance - open, lightweight and flexible, for reading from this format there are a lot of applications for different platforms.

    Use for health! And at the same time you can criticize, offer your ideas about the service or just thank :)

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