Ben NanoNote - a three-inch laptop for 99 dollars


    Nanotechnology is rapidly breaking into our lives. The Ben NanoNote device seems to represent the limit of miniaturization in the notebook class. With a price of $ 99, weight of 130 grams and dimensions of 99x75x17.5 mm, the gadget boasts an almost full QWERTY keyboard.

    Everything else, however, is not so impressive. Display resolution - 320x240 pixels, RAM - 32 MB, processor - XBurst Jz4720 with a frequency of 336 megahertz. Of course, there is no Winchester, but it is proposed to write data to a two-gigabyte microSD-flash drive.

    But there is a speaker, microphone, headphone jack and one USB port. Battery capacity - 850 mAh. The device is running Linux.

    The manufacturer believes that Ben NanoNote is an excellent player, notebook and reader. But it is obvious that any smartphone will give this curiosity 100 points ahead in terms of functionality and convenience. One wireless connection is worth it.

    But the gift from Ben NanoNote can turn out cool. Nanotechnological one.




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