State VS Runet

    Now the media is already really controlled by the state, active work is underway to establish control over the Internet. How to deal with future censorship?

    Internet control mechanisms:
    - control of personal correspondence
    - censorship on the largest blog hosting services
    - control of providers and hosters

    This, you see, is very simple for our state, everything is concentrated in a small number of companies.

    Recently, publicity has been actively suppressed. But there is simply no democracy:
    - The President has all 3 branches of government (legislative, judicial and executive), and also controls the media and major corporations. We live in a monarchical state.

    The Internet has not yet felt the oppression of censorship, because while the “free voice” of a blogger is available for a couple of dozen friends, and the mechanisms of influence are only being tested. There is still time to confront possible oppression:

    - Work out mechanisms for duplicating texts so that even after the physical removal of sites all topics remain accessible
    - Cultivate political literacy of the population
    - Find ways to more powerful association of bloggers
    - your option?

    Will it help? Or in vain drive paranoia?
    Russia is on the rise!

    UPD .:
    - Personally, I am not against strong power, I am against media control
    - The options are proposed (1) to move to foreign hosting services and (2) to own engines, but the Domain Registrar can also be controlled and, if desired, the domain can be “accidentally” intercepted by cybersquatters and no one will prove anything (if the authorities want it).
    A good option is to move to foreign BLOG hosting ...

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