Free GIMP Editor - Now Native Mac OS X Application

    The popular open source GIMP graphics editor (a free and free alternative to the Adobe Photoshop editor) is finally ported to Mac OS X as a native application !

    Now you do not need to install X11 together with GIMP - just drag and drop Gimp into the / Applications / folder, as all regular applications for Mac are installed.

    Download GIMP from

    The latest version of GIMP 2.8.2: a 73 MB file, after installing 230 MB, it may crash on the first start, everything is OK on the second .

    GIMP is a very powerful graphical editor, which in many respects coincides in functions with Photoshop, but it is distributed for free. The GIMP on Mac is trying to compete with the Pixelmator, but it's a non-free program worth $ 15.

    Pixelmator 2

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