Steam Greenlight Launched!

    Valve (Half-Life, Left4Dead, Team Fortress 2, etc) launched a service that allows players to influence which games appear on Steam (the largest digital platform for distributing games on PC). Now any developer can submit his game for consideration, and if enough players support the game, Steam employees will definitely pay attention to it, and, most likely, it will be published.

    This is just great news for both players and independent developers.
    Players can now click on a button to declare which games they are interested in, and developers get a more transparent process of sending a request for a game to be published due to a quick and obvious feedback.

    I’ll tell you, I already sent the game - very simple and convenient. Valve promise to improve and update the system to make it even easier and more convenient. Do not pay attention to numbers like “This game has reached n% of necessary positive ratings so far”, the FAQ says that they will adjust the system according to circumstances, and the role will be played by how much attention and support the game receives relative to other games.

    Games also look, of course, Sturgeon's Law works here, but there are , and very interesting . Unacceptable submissions (other people's games, trolling) are quickly removed.

    Vote for the games you want to see in the incentive , share the finds and your games in the comments.

    PS September 5th Steam will appear non-gaming software , software, then. Greenlight will also be used for selection.

    A little about my experience, it may be useful to someone.
    The presentation is especially important here - to start, make a clear, good description of the game, I advise you to read this note here ( translation on the hub ) Screenshots, trailer.
    Now the game has about 6,500 views, about 60% of the votes are for, approximately 200 visits to the game on my site.
    In general, I did not expect to post my game there - it is short and simple, but I decided to try it for fun, seeing how many different games of different quality and readiness have already appeared there, with the promise to improve and develop it, add more content, making it longer and longer more interesting if it passes. I didn’t bother with the trailer, I just took a recently made let’s play.
    Some users do not read the description, and write something like this game is too short and simple for Steam, but mostly the reviews are positive. Added a screenshot with a description of the plan to add content to the game and improve.

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