Updating the working draft on the server.

    Today, in the process of updating one of the projects, after I found several errors related to the fact that I forgot to update several files, the question arose (not the first time I need to notice) the question of whether it is possible to somehow improve the update process.
    For example, I made a lot of changes that affected the changes in the FS, DB, files. After completing work on the development machine, you need to apply all these changes to the working draft. From this place I am interested in the opinion of the habr community.
    How I do it - I just remember and make changes to the database through the mayadmin (if there are a lot of changes, I usually write them in a text file in advance). So I myself change the FS for FTP, update the files. And as a consequence of the human factor - mistakes are made, there will be bugs that could have been avoided by doing exactly all the changes.

    What do I want?
    - I want to see how others cope with this task. If there are good options - be sure to add to the topic.

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