Invites to

    There are several invites to the dcd network - a music service for searching and sharing music. The network is very extensive - the number of registered albums last month exceeded one hundred thousand units.
    I want to invite several hablovek again, but not just like that: it is desirable that invited users be active, even if just downloading music from the server - most users who received invites in the past month, did not show any activity, which is not too good for the service. Naturally, I can’t check my intentions in any way, so before asking, think about it, do you need it?

    Plus, I would like to get an invite to ... Habr (I’m not asking for myself, of course, for a good person). Anyone who can help with this will immediately receive an invite to dcd in exchange.An invitation to the hub was received, thanks to all who responded. The remaining invites will be handed out to the habra-people who left a comment with a brief explanation of why they, in fact, need it.

    UPD: Run out! The next distribution is in a month.

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