A new course on Windows Server 2012 is available on MVA

    In anticipation of the global availability of Windows Server 2012 , the MVA portal introduced the New Windows Server 2012 Features course . Part 1. Virtualization, networks, storage . The course provides a fairly detailed overview of the most interesting features of Windows Server 2012 related to Hyper-V, network infrastructure, and storage organization.

    All material is divided into three modules:

    The information in these modules is interconnected, but we tried to make sure that, on the one hand, there were no intersections, on the other hand, you could listen to these parts in any order. Some technologies presented in the course were already discussed on Habré, for example Private VLAN , some you will see for the first time.

    But anyway, here is a rather large amount of technical information with a total duration of about 5 hours, 15 demonstrations of various technologies, including Network Virtualization, Storage Migration, SMB Multichannel, NIC Teaming, SMB Transparent Failover, Storage Spaces, Hyper-V Replica, DHCP Failover and etc.

    The plans of the second part of the course, revealing the issues of security, management, remote access, use of the web platform. I hope the materials will be useful. Comments, suggestions, criticism can be sent directly to me.

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