Moloko + Mag: in the future it will even be possible to lick

    Graphic and photo beauty, interviews with interesting and creative people, music in its various manifestations. Moloko + Magazine - this is the name of the magazine in which all this is available in large quantities. His first issue was published on the first day of spring; True, this light is so far only online, because the magazine is published in pdf format.

    This issue is dedicated to experimental art and mixing styles. The editors of the magazine selected the most interesting works of domestic and foreign designers, and in the "application" you can find an mp3 mix - the same experimental and mixed.

    Let's get acquainted with the editors of the magazine.

    How are you?

    Things are good, thanks :) We want summers!

    First of all, a little about the team that created the magazine.

    At the moment, our team consists of three people. These are Revaz , Sasha and Marina . Revaz and Sasha work together as designers at the creative agency Hodusbureau . And Marina, Marina ... well, she's just a beautiful student girl with knowledge of English :)

    Revaz ToduaAlexander GladkikhMarina Beloklokova

    Why did the magazine appear at all? Is it an attempt to create a creative publication in digital format or an aim for something larger, print and commercial?

    Firstly, this is an attempt to create, or rather, not an attempt, but the publication of a creative magazine in digital format in order to share with readers the work of interesting people, tell about them and show them in order to inspire someone to create something of their own, and someone just enjoys spending leisure time looking at beautiful pictures and photographs. And secondly, of course, I would like to have such a magazine in print so that it could be looked through, lying on the couch in any position, so that it could be viewed in any other place, shown to friends ... And just so that it could be pat, tear, if necessary, or lick.

    Moloko +

    When are you planning your next release?

    Oh, here we don’t undertake to give exact dates. Let’s release the second number when we get enough sleep. As for what will be there, for the time being we definitely cannot say. But what will be very interesting is our promise!

    Moloko +

    Who do you focus on when creating a magazine: more for specialists in this field or just curious?

    We focus on those and others. But for specialists in this field, most likely, most of the works presented in the journal are known and not new. Although, we hope that they learn something. And for a prying eye, we think, there will be a lot of interesting and never seen before.

    Moloko +

    And who made the mix for the magazine?

    Mix did Revaz. He mixed a hodgepodge of the best songs from albums from reviews selected by Marina and Sasha, so that it would be pleasant for readers to leaf through the magazine.

    The end

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