No viruses? Find!

    Recently, he began to notice messages like “Hello! Spam comes from you in tons! Urgently check on the link goes further ". Usually I always clicked on “This is spam” and the message disappeared without a trace. The links in the messages are different.

    But today I jerked to see what it was. Details - under the cut.

    So, having copied the link to the browser, I went to the address, after which there was a redirect to the site , and the redirect is with the referrer (it’s not so important for us, but obviously it’s necessary for something).
    My eyes opened a seemingly attractive site that called for protecting your computer from spammers.
    Protect your computer from viruses and spammers!

    Your friends will no longer receive SPAM from your Vkontakte or ICQ account!

    Internet Bastion is a universal super protection against hacking your computer, as well as quick cleaning of your system from any viruses. With the help of our service you can fight viruses and spammers in social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as in ICQ. Stop sending spam from you to your friends once and for all! Do not let spammers use your accounts on your behalf!
    Protect 100% information on your computer!

    Our database contains: 11024 viruses (new 22)

    Universal superprotection includes antivirus, antispam and antiphishing! What time! Super-harvester is easy. I already thought it was a sinful thing that a new product for the fight against viruses appeared on the market, but I was confused by the fact that spam mailings are used for PR.

    Well, the big green button with the words "Check computer" is callous. Of course, I could not resist. I was notified what will happen:
    Will be checked for:
    • viruses and malware
    • spam vulnerabilities
    • the ability to steal passwords

    Then we have the opportunity to read the user agreement in a small window, although I found a link to it at the bottom of the page. I'm not a lawyer, so I can’t comment, I’ll draw your attention to only one point that seemed interesting to me:
    2.4. The site does not guarantee the reliability of the results. Information on the Site is independently created by the Site Administration from open sources of information.

    Getting to the "scan". Here the fun began:


    Oh miracle! I have a virus in a dll file! On the way System32! And all this in ubuntu!

    Then a cookie check took place. It scanned a bunch of cookies that I carefully erased before opening this site. Even classmates were found. It should be noted that I am not registered on this site and I do not go there. Of course, there was also some kind of “virus”.

    Then there was a check of my ip for the fact of spamming. For a long time, looking for something, surprisingly, did not find it.

    Here are the results:


    Well, since my computer is infected, you need to install protection . He pressed the button, and then according to the proven methodology:


    The cost of SMS is 3x30 UAH, it turns out a little over 11 dollars. SMS, of course, I did not send.

    I am more than sure that “protection” is a continuation of the spamming chain. Only for money.

    PS It is not ruled out that this site can run authorization sessions.

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