Sony Presentation at E3 2010

    Sony Presentation at E3 2010

    I am sure that many of you have repeatedly met the word "soniboy" on the Web. This concept appeared on the Internet relatively recently, by definition it unites people who, with “special awe”, relate to everything that Sony produces. “Soniboy” is a nickname more negative than positive, because fanaticism itself implies excessive love, and excessive fanaticism automatically goes beyond any understanding. But, you must admit, we are all “soniboys” in a light form. After all, Sony is not just an engine, it is a whole locomotive that drags a freight train, packed full of new technologies and fresh solutions. So let's forget the "internecine wars" on the Internet, and for the time of the Sony press conference at E3, we will put on masks for fans.

    Let's start with the most important thing. As expected, Sony surrendered to E3 and finally announced the release date of Gran Turismo on November 5–2, though so far only for North America. We hope that in Europe the appearance of a convergent game will not be delayed. Recall that the GT5 will be radically different from previous games in the series. For the first time, an online multiplayer mode for up to 16 users will appear. One of the main innovations will be a car damage system. In addition, the developers promise us dynamic weather, which will directly affect the behavior of the car, races at different times of the day, as well as races as part of the WRC, NASCAR and Super GT tournaments.

    The Gran Turismo 5 presentation video is not as spectacular as, say, the new NFS: Hot Pursuit. But firstly, do not compare the simulator with an arcade, and secondly, the GT5 video is made on the game engine, and not prepared on graphic stations. It is simply necessary to watch the video - the developers did not stint and rather clearly showed the car’s behavior on new tracks, and even the legendary Stig from the program “Top Gear”:

    Gran Turismo 5. Official video from E3 2010 [HD]

    If news related to Gran Turismo 5 was quite expected, the announcement of the PS3 version of Portal 2 was a real surprise. Speech by Valve Software CEO Gabe Newell at the Sony press conference was somewhat shocking - after all, only a few weeks ago he sharply criticized the PlayStation, and now, according to him, Valve Software considers the PlayStation 3 to be the best platform for their new games: “When the console first appeared on the market, I was its biggest critic. However, Sony proved that the PS3 is the most open of the existing consoles, because the company's employees are doing everything to make it the most attractive for both users and developers. ”

    According to Mr. Newell, the PS3 version of Portal 2 with Steamworks support will be out of competition. The capabilities of the service will allow you to most quickly update the game and quickly get additional content, not to mention the multi-million dollar Steamworks community.

    The release of Portal 2 is scheduled for 2011, the game will appear simultaneously on PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Portal 2. A video from the Sony conference at E3 2010 [HD]

    The next game in the line of announcements from Sony was Killzone 3. A shooter developed by Guerilla Games will appear on store shelves in February next year. This was reported to us by representatives of the studio immediately after the demonstration of the 3D demo version of the game. It also became known that Killzone 3 will be released with full support for Move. In addition to 3D-graphics and a new control system, we will find many more interesting things: a new firearm, improved hand-to-hand combat, rocket packs (Jet pack), fresh locations and a completely destructible surrounding world. In the future, the developers promise to dedicate us to everything that happens around their new project, according to them, the E3 exhibition will not be the last stop on the way to release.

    KillZone 3. Gameplay. Video from E3 2010 [HD]

    Another PlayStation 3 exclusive will be the continuation of the acclaimed Twisted Metal series in the past. The development of a new project is occupied by the studio Eat Sleep Play. As it became known, among the multiplayer modes of Twisted Metal there are online team battles called deathmatch and the new Capture the Faction mode, where players have to capture the object of the opposite team. The developers decided not to stop on “commonplace” cars equipped with deadly weapons, and included helicopters, various vans and many other equipment in the game, on which the player could “pull on” numerous devices to destroy the enemy.

    Sony has not yet decided on the release date of the new “crusher”, it is only known that the game will be released in 2011. The video shown at the Twisted Metal presentation looks impressive - the improved gameplay and graphics of the new generation - all within the established traditions of the series.

    Twisted Metal. Enhanced video from E3 2010 [HD]

    This year Sony will not skimp on gifts for its customers. Exclusive to PS3 will be not only some games presented at the E3 exhibition, but also additions to future multiplatforms. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is among the first. According to company representatives, in addition to access to beta testing the multi-user mode, in the future, PS3 owners will also have access to unique content that cannot be obtained on any other platform.

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Video from E3 2010 [HD]

    Another “special” project is Dead Space 2. All buyers of the PS3 version of this game will receive Dead Space Extraction, a former Wii-exclusive, for free. Now it will shine in all its terrible beauty in Full HD and acquire PlayStation Move support (along with DualShock 3 and Sixaxis). At the request of Extraction, it will be possible to purchase separately through the online store PlayStation Store, where it will arrive on January 28 of next year.

    Dead Space 2. The video from the E3 2010 [HD]

    Mafia 2 also did not go unnoticed. PS3 owners will have access to some missions earlier than others.

    Mafia 2. Video from E3 2010 [HD]

    Completes the list of the promising shooter Medal of Honor. John Schappert, chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, took the stage just to inform the public about another exclusive “add-on” for the PlayStation 3. On the day the game launches - October 12 in America and October 15 in Europe - PS3 owners along with the original will receive Medal of Honor: Frontline. A remake of the classic game will be released exclusively on the console from Sony.

    Medal of Honor. “Multiuser” video from E3 2010 [HD]

    In our review of the Sony press conference, the PlayStation Move control system was mentioned many times, and it's time to talk about it in more detail. The beginning of European sales starts on September 15, while in America the novelty will appear on September 19, and in Japan even later on October 21. The main controller will be available at a price of $ 49.99, and the auxiliary for $ 29.99. Both joysticks complete with the PlayStation Eye will go on sale for $ 100, while the retail price for Eyes will be as much as $ 39.99.

    On the day of the launch of Move, Sony will offer users about twenty existing games, “enriched” with support for new technology. Among them, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5. In addition, Sony promised to release a couple of dozen new games with Move support by March 2011.

    Kung Fu Rider. Video from E3 2010 [HD]

    Two peripheral devices were also announced - a charging station and a firing device. Using the PlayStation Move Charging Station, you can charge multiple controllers simultaneously without using the console itself. The device goes on sale for $ 29.99. The PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment "turns" the standard motion controller into a kind of gun. On the shelves of stores "trunk" will appear this fall at a price of $ 19.99.

    The shoot. Video from E3 2010 [HD]

    In addition to Move Sony decided to release a sound system. The all-in-one device with a sub-woofer will go on sale next fall at a price of $ 199/199 Euro. Let's not fool you with a technical description and just say: a compact novelty can easily replace a full-fledged home theater. At least Sony itself is positioning its device that way.

    To love Sony or not is an individual question. Modern industry dictates its own rules, which are impossible to get around. Therefore, the endless debate between fans of the company with representatives of other communities is simply meaningless. Sony gives us good games, some of which will be released in 3D, a variety of exclusive content and promising Move. Is this not enough to praise?

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