Bosch Rexroth warehouse automation: software, hardware, integration

Leaders are not born, they become, and those who strive for perfection achieve this. The German company Bosch Rexroth is known throughout the world, but this does not prevent it from continuing to work on optimizing business processes. The problems of inventory accounting familiar to each organization also affected the Russian representative office of this company with a large office and logistics center in the city of Khimki, Moscow Region.

The Scanport team was given the crucial task of automating the main warehouse processes at the company's large logistics warehouse. We present a case with a detailed description of key points and results of our work.

Bosch Rexroth Launches Oversized Products: A Special Approach Is Required To Take It Into Account

What problems should be solved

Bosch Rexroth is engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of specialized equipment: electric drives, hydraulic components, assembly and conveyor lines, control systems. The company's products are oversized, which complicates their storage and movement. But this was, as a business survey at the facility showed, far from the only problem.

  • Due to improperly organized acceptance, the goods were not in their places, which subsequently made it difficult to find them.
  • Employees spent a lot of time manually distributing storage locations.
  • Due to irrational use, a significant part of the area was idle.
  • The inventory took a lot of time, accompanied by staff errors.
  • Orders were completed manually, it took a lot of effort to find the right positions on the list (and it was not always successful).
  • Errors also occurred at the packaging / labeling stage, which negatively affected the company's reputation due to the large percentage of returns.

What are the top priorities

A business survey showed that difficulties arise mainly due to the lack of an address storage system and automated inventory accounting (inventory). With its implementation, according to forecasts, it was possible to solve almost all the problems. Therefore, we set ourselves the following tasks:

  1. Organize convenient and ergonomic address storage of goods and materials.
  2. Reduce inventory timelines.

In such cases, targeted storage is required.

What we proposed to the Bosch Rexroth warehouse management

Before offering anything, we carefully studied business processes, determined the requirements for organizing the office and warehouse complex, described the algorithms and developed a warehouse topology. As a result, we recommended equipment and software for automation, which was optimally suited for the implementation of tasks:

  • DataMobile software with flexible settings and ease of use;
  • Honeywell Dolphin 6500 data collection terminals, as well as a modification of the Honeywell Dolphin 75e based on the Android OS.

What we have achieved: briefly on each task

1. Simple and efficient targeted storage (acceptance, labeling, placement).
We marked each object with internal labels printed on a mobile printer. Now the goods received at the warehouse automatically receive a specific storage address - this information is displayed in the accounting system.

Articles of goods and materials on production labels are used in the future for the initial search for products in the program and marking with barcodes. This job no longer needs to be done manually. Large deliveries in this scheme can be taken in stages, involving several operators, which increases warehouse productivity.

The barcode on the product is like a compass in the desert

2. Easy and error-free movement of goods in the warehouse.
Each addressable storage location has its own barcode fixed in the system, so the internal movement of goods no longer causes difficulties and does not create confusion. The main thing is to work with TSD and record changes in the location of goods and materials.

3. Fast and efficient inventory.
DataMobile takes an inventory of three steps.

Initial - a general recount of objects by storage locations.
The second stage takes place in areas where discrepancies with the accounting amount are found.
If after this there are inconsistencies, they will be clarified at the third stage.

This approach increased the accuracy of the inventory, and the introduction of automated tools seriously reduced the number of errors due to the human factor and reduced the time spent on inventory.

Hurricane, tsunami, typhoon?  Not at all!  Problematic inventory is now a thing of the past

4. Simplified order formation.
Assembly orders are generated automatically - using the TSD, which reads the barcodes of storage locations. To collect items on a separate site, there is no need to search for goods by the cells for a long time: the system itself will tell you where it is stored.

Full set of orders.
So, the goods for the order are collected. The DataMobile systemhelps shape and fill packaging locations based on weight and size specifications. All is ready? TSD will verify the correct assembly during product packaging: returns due to incorrect order picking are excluded!

Look at the updated warehouse business processes in practice, see in the video:

How we did it: technical nuances

  • To implement the project, our team created a separate contour of warehouse documents and reference books in the Bosch Rexroth inventory system.
  • We ensured the uninterrupted operation of the Wi-Fi network throughout the territory of the office and logistics center, so that every employee could at any time receive a task in the system and complete it.
  • DataMobile software also takes into account the new automated storage system at the customer’s warehouse - “Modula” , tasks on the TSD can come to the addresses of this system. This expanded the possibilities of automation and allowed to reduce the cost of purchasing new equipment.

To automate the warehouse, it is necessary to cover the territory with a Wi-Fi network


With the implementation of the address storage system based on DataMobile software in the Bosch Rexroth warehouse center , the following goals have been achieved:

  • The whole process of goods distribution - acceptance, movement, order formation - is taken under control by marking all goods and materials with barcodes.
  • Inventories are carried out with more accurate results due to several stages of verification.
  • All business processes, from acceptance and labeling to dispatch and inventory, are conducted in a short time.
  • The number of shortages and reassortments decreased, which positively affected the overall balance sheet and profitability of the company.
  • Generation of analytical reports for the KPI system is on stream.
  • They assisted the management in organizing an effective staff motivation system.

In this way, almost any warehouse can be automated. Automation software does its job perfectly, and we will help you choose the right equipment, implement it and set up the process.

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