Pygest # 18. Releases, articles, interesting projects, packages and libraries from the Python world [November 5, 2017 - November 15, 2017]

    imageHello! This is the eighteenth issue of the Habrahabr digest about news from the world of Python.

    Due to the workload of andrewnester , the author of previous digests, and with his permission, I was honored to publish this issue.

    So let's go!


    NumPy announces plan to end support for Python 2

    Malcolm Tredinnick Award Nomination in 2017

    Articles and study materials

    Machine learning using Python. Introduction
    Introduction to machine learning. It will be useful for both beginners and more experienced professionals

    Using machine learning to predict the weather. Part 1
    A good article about using machine learning in weather forecasting

    Speed ​​up your Python using Rust
    A very good article about using a Python module written in Rust

    How we deploy Python code
    An article on how to put Python code into operation

    SQLAlchemy ORM Guide for Python Developers
    Material about SQLAlchemy ORM, which will be useful to all Python developers

    Web scraping with python: getting information from amazon, airbnb, reddit, pexel, steam
    The material will be useful to all web scraping enthusiasts.

    Creating a REST API for TensorFlow models.
    About REST APIs in machine learning.

    Profiling CPython on Instagram.
    About finding interpreter bottlenecks for optimization and more.

    How to learn Pandas.
    Explains strategies for learning Pandas.

    Analyzing browser histories using Python and Pandas

    Interesting projects, tools and libraries

    Instant JSON API for SQLite

    Not simple

    Erlang node calculator implemented in Python

    Removing or replacing keywords in

    Milksnake sentences
    Interesting extension for setuptools

    Official low-level Python client for elasticsearch

    Spark Python Python

    youtube-dl API
    For download video from Youtube

    An interesting extension for the standard Python module datetime

    A collection of neuroimaging tools

    Of conferences

    Thanks for the links suharik

    Passes these days at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    PyCon UK
    Passed October 26-30 in Cardiff, Wales. Video from the conference is already available on YouTube

    PS Send your news, interesting projects and / or libraries for future digests :).

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